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What is Art Possibilities?

It is a brand of high-end autism art products and an art academy. Art Possibilities fills in the gap that is needed to help creative adults with autism become artist who can rightfully compete in the art world. It provides a rigorous art academy and the brand that will make their creations marketable in the mainstream art world. Art Possibilities produces a yearly line of products- much like a designer brand. The goal is to produce three lines a year.

Based in Broward County, Florida, Art Possibilities is a non-profit that offers non-traditional art employment opportunities and training to creative adults with autism that up to now have had no art training options available. As the majority of autistic individuals do not receive a high school diploma, they are unable to enter a liberal arts college, and thus perfect their artistic training. Art Possibilities fills in that gap by providing specialized art training, just as rigorous as any art academy, but with specialized support and adjustments necessary to meet the needs of these unique individuals: providing in this manner the necessary support to enable the artist to create high end art products to be part of the Art Possibilities (autism) brand and compete in the art mainstream art market. Since 70% of the profits go to the artists, it provides employment and self- sustenance to talented Adults with Autism.

Since its inception in 2009 Art Possibilities has provided art training, art education, mentoring and gallery exhibition opportunities to talented artists with autism. It has also given monetary revenues (70% of sales) to its artist thus addressing the critical unemployment for these disabled adults. Art Possibilities has also created autism awareness in universities and in the immediate community.


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