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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Our Pot Garden.  As a mother of an Adult with Autism i have been trying to find ways for my son Christian to become financially independent.  Though he has sold many paintings, I wanted to find a venue that could easily bring his paintings into any home; a way that would not only be economically feasible ($35 a pot with the plant- can't beat that price-) but also a way where his creations could fit into any decor- voila the pots!!

Meet Our Pots

Every pot is a work of art (as you can see by viewing the videos below).  They will give your household a breath of innocence and joy as everything Christian paints is happy and joyful.  The pots come with plants and are painted with acrylic and covered with a clear epoxy to give your pots a lasting memory that will be with you for many years. 

PRICE: each pot is $35 dollars and include the plant.

 Because this is actually the beginning of a business, we can deliver to other states but shipping is billed separately.  Please call me at 954-682-3264 or text me and let me know if you are interested.  I will then give you a shipping estimate.  

If you live in South Florida, we can meet and I can deliver the pot or you can come visit our humble pot garden

Please bear in mind the revenues go straight to Christian so when you purchase a pot you are actually 

helping a young man with autism become financially independent and so confident and proud of his art.  Thank you for contributing to my son's future!

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pots with plants_edited.jpg
Mr. Cat onwindow sill w plantD306306119.jpeg
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Mr. Purple Cat.jpg

Watch Christian draw and paint a pot.  Laugh at how he talks and intermingles  English and Spanish while he paints.  He loves speaking Spanish though he talks with an "American accent."

Our Clients

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