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Creating More Awareness

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 90% of adults with autism in the US are unemployed or underemployed. If an adult with autism happens to have artistic talent, there is neither an art academy nor an arts training program addressing the needs of these artists as many need special attention, require adjustments in the art training, and each must be addressed differently according to their unique set of skills. Moreover, according to the Autism Society of America, the most effective programs share an emphasis on early intervention so assistance for adults with autism is limited after the child has gone through the educational system. Art Possibilities emerged in 2009 when the son of its founder faced life after high school with no employment opportunities, a future of attending a babysitting adult day training program, and no art programs that would allow this talented young man with autism to join their rigorous programs. After discussions with other parents who faced the same bleak horizons for their adults, Art Possibilities began. In its eighth year, Art Possibilities is presently the only available art training facility in South Florida addressing the needs of creative adults with autism.

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