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Now I Can See You!: A View of Our World by a Shark and an Adult with Autism 

Kindle Edition

By: Mayra Ron

Illustrator: Christian Early

"I hear what others don't," said Christian and continued. "Can you hear the ocean? Can you hear the stars? Can you hear the little boy who is screaming for help?” Peer through a colorful window into the mind of thirty year old Christian Early and witness his struggle to be understood as an adult with autism. Through the probing of a friendly shark that cares to know Christian better, his autism is exposed in truth as a misunderstood yet magnificent world view. “Now I Can See You!” calls for people to look beyond a diagnosis to see autistic people and their genius, as Bruce the shark does. Author Mayra Ron seeks to challenge future generations opinion of autism by not only exhibiting the world of Christian Early and showcasing his wonderful artwork but also by demonstrating adults with autism can become thriving independent individuals if society only learns to SEE them!

Diary of A crazy woman

Christian was meant to be for me. And your child was meant for you. Your situation was meant for you. No, it is not an easy lesson. Lessons normally aren't. Do you know what it feels like to have your life changed in a matter of seconds? One in every 68 children is diagnosed with autism each year. If you were the parent of one of these children, how would you react? “Diary of a Crazy Woman: One Woman’s Fight to Help her Son with Autism Find a Place in the World," deals with this topic plus what it truly means to be a woman in a man's world. Its writing evokes the true heart of this struggle. In Diary of a Crazy Woman, you will not discover a celebrity, but a person like you and I who chose triumph over adversity. With her son, Christian Early, the illustrator of her first book, “Can You See Me: A View of Our World by an Adult with Autism,” and its soon to come sequel, plus the president of Art Possibilities, Mayra shows the world autism need not be a defeat for you or your son and daughter, but a trampoline for his or her future. Read it, cry it, experience it, rejoice it, for “Diary of a Crazy Woman" is the candid thoughts and actions of a woman who decided to be a little crazy so her son could find his place in this often too normal world.

Author Mayra Ron is a journalist and the single parent of a thirty-three year old adult with autism. Ron has earned recognition in the field of autism with her first books and the development of ART Possibilities, a non-profit organization which provides jobs to artistic adults with autism through the arts. She hopes to introduce a different future to the millions of adult men and women with autism who lie in the forgotten area of autism (those who not Aspergers, but are independent). Her determination has opened a venue for her son, Christian, to become a successful graphic artist, illustrator, and painter. Her non-profit, Art Possibilities, has created an autism brand of products available in high end museums and stores worldwide to help adults with Autism gain employment through the arts as 70% of the profits go to the artists. The first line of ArtPossibilities products is available at and in participating museums. Mayra’s vision is opening the doors for exceptional artistic adults with autism to compete in the mainstream art world by not only by providing the training they need to become competent artists, but by providing the resources to sell their products in a competitive market. She hopes the Art Possibilities brand will provide a new opportunity for artistic adults with autism to become independent, self- sufficient and thriving individuals in our society.

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