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  • Can You See Me?

    A View of Our World by an Adult With Autism
    by Mayra Ron

    “I hear what others don’t,” said Christian and continued. “Can you hear the ocean? Can you hear the stars? Can you hear the little boy who is screaming for help?” Peer through a colorful window into the mind of twenty-four-year-old Christian Early and witness his struggle to be understood as an adult with autism. Through the probing of a friendly shark that cares to know Christian better, his autism is exposed in truth—a misunderstood and magnificent worldview. Can You See Me calls for people to look beyond a diagnosis to see autistic people and their genius, as Bruce the shark does. Author Mayra Ron seeks to challenge future generations’ opinion of autism by exhibiting the world of Christian Early and the artwork he has created as he searches for the answer to the question of his life: Can You See Me?”

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  • Diary of a Crazy Woman

    One Woman’s Fight to help her son with Autism find a Place in the World
    by Mayra Ron

    “Mayra’s refreshingly authentic and proud story touched my soul at each turn of the page. As the mother of a young adult with autism – and may I say a woman with a lot of crazy in me – I found myself shaking my head, saying, yes! Yes! Yes! Mayra shows each one of us how the spirit of a quirky nature and determination can paint an entirely different outcome to what we might otherwise fear. She glows as a beacon of light for us all. Diary of a Crazy Woman succeeds in making the world seem to make more sense; and happily, that crazy can be good! Bravo.”

    — Keri Bowers, creator of Normal People Scare Me, The Sandwich Kid, and ARTS

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  • Now You Can See Me!

    Now You Can See Me! Is the new version of “Can You See Me?” This revised edition includes the first part of the story of Christian and the Shark, as narrated in the author’s previous book, but continues where the first book left off. In this second and last installment, the Shark and Christian discover mutual affinities in their worlds’: they both don’t socialize much (the fish are afraid of the shark’s teeth) and they don’t know how to make friends, but discover that what is important in life is not that everyone sees you, but who actually sees you; for they both, whether others choose see them or not, do belong in their respective world.

    In this art Possibilities first publication author Ron provides a window into the world of autism through the unlikely friendship of a shark and a young man. In her unique colloquial style, the author expands the first story and provides a comical and whimsical simile between the shark’s world and Christian’s leaving the reader with a meaningful message of hope, friendship and acceptance that will bring a smile and a nod of acknowledgement to all. Illustrated in captivating cartoon style by her son Christian Early, “Now You Can See Me!” is surely to become a beloved book not only in every child’s library, but in every adult’s as well. Read it and celebrate it for it shines a beacon of light and smiles to the often-misunderstood diagnosis of autism and provides a funny insight into society’s sometimes-senseless behavior.

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