Christian Early

Although Christian Early was born in Colombia, he rarely speaks Spanish. And since talking, or better phrased – communicating, doesn’t come natural, painting does.

Christian’s first book as an illustrator is Can You See Me? A View of Our World by an Adult with Autism. It’s the story of a shark who encounters him on the beach and through his friendly probing, manages to “see” Christian past his label and wonders why society doesn’t. His paintings and cartoons are also featured in his mother’s second book, Diary of a Crazy Woman: One Woman’s Fight to Help her Son with Autism Find a Place in the World.

Yet it’s important to recognize painting for this 25-year-old adult with autism did not come easily. Christian began his painting career at 17 with mere awkward lines. At an early age, sharks captivated him but his poor fine-motor skills prevented him from excelling in this visual art. Nevertheless, with the determination of his artistic mother and with the persistence of many teachers, Christian has succeeded in painting how he sees his world: funny and comical with a sense of laughter few of us possess. Though at the beginning, his art consisted of eyes of lions that jumped at you, eagles that looked deeply into your heart and other heartfelt animals, it’s now evolved into cartoon-like characters that strike a smile: funny and crazy ladies with long arms or pointed fingers, portrayals of himself as Garfield or comic heroes, sharks that converse and unique cartoon stories of talking snails alongside other colorful humorous creations. And now, with the creation of the non-profit, Art Possibilities, he’s painting cartoons to modify behavior – something unique.

We invite you to enter into another dimension, unknown until now, where through his strokes and colors, this painter offers us the privilege of discovering how a man who has autisms sees our world. And thus, remember, that it’s not the disability that defines a man. What distinguishes a man from others is his courage to scream his expression no matter the diagnosis or label. So, without further ado, we introduce Christian Early and his unmistakable courage!



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