Purpose and Mission

art POSSIBILITIES is a brand that produces and sells autism art. 70% of the profits go to the artists. The objective is to create a marketable unique high end line of products that can compete in the mainstream market place.

The objective is to create a yearly “art POSSIBILITIES” brand. This yearly line of high end products will resemble a “designer collection” of art POSSIBILITIES products that will be available every Christmas. As Art Possibilities grows, new artists will be part of the collection. 70% of profits go directly to the artist.


art POSSIBILITIES is a non-profit that offers non-traditional art employment opportunities and training to creative adults with autism that up to now have had no art training options available. As the majority of autistic individuals do not receive a high school diploma, they are unable to enter a liberal arts college, and thus perfect their artistic training. Art Possibilities fills in that gap by providing specialized art training, just as rigorous as any art academy, but with specialized support and adjustments necessary to meet the needs of these unique individuals: providing in this manner the necessary support to enable the artist to create high end art products to be part of the art POSSIBILITIES (autism) brand and compete in the art mainstream art market.

Since its inception in 2009 Art Possibilities has provided art training, art education, mentoring and gallery exhibition opportunities to talented artists with autism. It has also given monetary revenues to its artist thus addressing the critical unemployment for these disabled adults. Art Possibilities has also created autism awareness in universities and in the immediate community.

Autism Art

I refuse to see him wasted in a day facility, an institution, a cleaning facility or a workshop where nothing is expected of him because it is believed he can do nothing  No only my son but all the others like im can and have the right to reach their potential and to utilize their creative side to make a living.

I urge you to not conform.  If parents’ voices once opened the doors to the educational system for these unique people, it is time to raise then once more to change their future after they reach the age of twenty-two.  We must shout to provide avenues in art schools, community colleges specializing in creative studies: any endeavors that pinpoint the right side of the brain- the creative side- the neglected side in the educational system.the non-verbal side. This is an option that has not been available to our sons and daughters, but may prove to constitute a different and fulfill.

Nobody has found a way to measure creative IQ.  It has not ever been measured before and may be the key to a fulfilling life for these adults that were never given the chance as their younger counterparts to the advances now available and therefore afford them what they deserve: the right to a meaningful life and a bright future. It has been said the one who teaches learn the most.  Have we ever taught them to use their creative side? Have we ever taught them to teach others, to care for others?  Perhaps these adults will change the perception of our world if we taught them to see us and perhaps society would stop neglecting these adults if they were taught to see them? The brain never stops growing and changing.  Why then must we kill these adults with autism by condemning them at age 22 because they do not conform to our world?  Perhaps it is us who need to conform and learn about theirs.