Our Brand Creates Jobs and Art Training for Adults with Autism
  • The Beginning

    I began Art Possibilities as an impending need: my son, Christian graduated from high school with a special diploma thus had nowhere to go: truthfully, they practically graduate to nothing. He was also too bright and too creative to spend his life in an adult day training workshop: they were too boring for him and lacked the challenge he needed. We went through a very hard time after the school years, yet all was not bleak as that was the birthing of Art Possibilities and our first two books. Those years also were wisely spent in the in-home-art-studio I created for him: he bloomed as the artist he is today.

    All this is served to prove that our artistic adults with Autism- even though they may not fall in the very high end of the spectrum- can be trained and can become valuable assets to our society. My son began to paint at 17 and look at his art. Nobody thought he liked this nor had this ability. What does this mean? He could be taught.


  • What is Art Possibilities?

    It is a brand of high-end autism art products and an art academy. Art Possibilities fills in the gap that is needed to help creative adults with autism become artist who can rightfully compete in the art world. It provides a rigorous art academy and the brand that will make their creations marketable in the mainstream art world. Art Possibilities produces a yearly line of products- much like a designer brand. The goal is to produce three lines a year.

    Based in Broward County, Florida, Art Possibilities is a non-profit that offers non-traditional art employment opportunities and training to creative adults with autism that up to now have had no art training options available. As the majority of autistic individuals do not receive a high school diploma, they are unable to enter a liberal arts college, and thus perfect their artistic training. Art Possibilities fills in that gap by providing specialized art training, just as rigorous as any art academy, but with specialized support and adjustments necessary to meet the needs of these unique individuals: providing in this manner the necessary support to enable the artist to create high end art products to be part of the Art Possibilities (autism) brand and compete in the art mainstream art market. Since 70% of the profits go to the artists, it provides employment and self- sustenance to talented Adults with Autism.

    Since its inception in 2009 Art Possibilities has provided art training, art education, mentoring and gallery exhibition opportunities to talented artists with autism. It has also given monetary revenues to its artist thus addressing the critical unemployment for these disabled adults. Art Possibilities has also created autism awareness in universities and in the immediate community.

  • Creating More Awareness

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 90% of adults with autism in the US are unemployed or underemployed. If an adult with autism happens to have artistic talent, there is neither an art academy nor an arts training program addressing the needs of these artists as many need special attention, require adjustments in the art training, and each must be addressed differently according to their unique set of skills. Moreover, according to the Autism Society of America, the most effective programs share an emphasis on early intervention so assistance for adults with autism is limited after the child has gone through the educational system. Art Possibilities emerged in 2009 when the son of its founder faced life after high school with no employment opportunities, a future of attending a babysitting adult day training program, and no art programs that would allow this talented young man with autism to join their rigorous programs. After discussions with other parents who faced the same bleak horizons for their adults, Art Possibilities began. In its eighth year, Art Possibilities is presently the only available art training facility in South Florida addressing the needs of creative adults with autism.

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    Mission Statement

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