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It is a brand of high-end autism art created by its talented autistic students. art POSSIBILITIES provides art training for artistic adults with autism to prepare them to be part of their brand of artwork sold in museums, high-end stores, colleges, bookstores, websites, and other national and international venues. As 70% of the profits go directly to the artists, art POSSIBILITIES enables Artistic Adults with Autism to thrive as self-sustaining individuals and prepare them for full financial independence.

Areas of Emphasis

Drawing, painting, animations, cartoons, illustrations for children’s books, photography, graphic designing, apparel art for t-shirts and clothes, cartoons as a method to modify behavior, humorous characters, art exhibits, and computer animation.

Our Brand Creates Jobs And Art Training
For Adults With Autism Through The Arts
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Featured Art

Christian Early's Drawing, Illustration and Painting

Christian Early

Mission Statement

Art Possibilities: The brand that creates jobs for adults with autism through the arts

Christian Early and Art Possibilities

I began Art Possibilities as an impending need. My son, Christian, fit nowhere. The Day Training Centers resembled a babysitting setting… he was too bright to spend his life there. The workshops available proved too boring for him lacking the challenge he needed. He went through a very hard time after the school years and when I went bankrupt due to the lack of time to work, I realized a different avenue had to be sought. After finding so many other parents in my same situation this non-profit was born. Mayra Ron, Founder of Art Possibilities

Art Possibilities Blog and News

Our latest posts related to our Mission and our Featured Artists

Christian Early

Although Christian Early was born in Colombia, he rarely speaks Spanish. And since talking, or better phrased – communicating, doesn’t come natural, painting does. Christian’s first book as an illustrator is Can You See Me? A View of Our World by an Adult with Autism. It’s the story of a shark who encounters him on […]


Interview of Christian Early for MHAF

The Madison House Autism Foundation featured Christian Early as one of their artist. This is an excerpt of the article: What inspires Christian’s art? Christian just loves to create things from his head. He creates these animals and characters that are unique, unusual, and whimsical. While he is creating them, he makes noises and makes up stories […]


Student Animations

Some of students art animation:


Our Books

Read more about Mayra and Christian's Story

Can You See Me? A View of Our World by an Adult With Autism
by Mayra Ron
Can You See Me?

“I hear what others don’t,” said Christian and continued. “Can you hear the ocean? Can you hear the stars? Can you hear the little boy who is screaming for help?” Peer through a colorful window into the mind of twenty-four-year-old Christian Early and witness his struggle to be understood as an adult with autism...

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Diary of a Crazy Woman One Woman’s Fight to help her son with Autism
find a Place in the World
by Mayra Ron
Diary of a Crazy Woman

“From one crazy woman to another, very well done, Mayra! I am thrilled to see someone finally addressing the ‘middle’ of the autism spectrum – a much needed, long overdue resource. Empowering our loved ones to do and be their personal best, while seeing who they truly are..."

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Now You Can See Me! by Mayra Ron Now You Can See Me!

Now You Can See Me! Is the new version of “Can You See Me?” This revised edition includes the first part of the story of Christian and the Shark, as narrated in the author’s previous book, but continues where the first book left off. In this second and last installment, the Shark and Christian discover mutual affinities in their worlds’: they both don’t socialize much...

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